Gea Johnson

"Thank you, friends both old and new. Your encouragement always overwhelms and inspires me. After recovering from heart breaking injury during the 2002 Olympics, I achieved my goal of becoming the fastest brakeman and push athlete by returning to competition and performing at a level that exceeded all expectation. But during the last few years, I have been told by those who control the sport of bobsleigh that I am too old and need to retire as they have strategically stacked the cards against me to keep me from competing. However, I believe that age is just a number; dreams and goals are NOT limited or governed by age, and neither is ability!

So I decided to shift gears - literally! I am now training and competing in the sport of track cycling. It's a tough sport and I've taken my lumps, but I've learned from them. Most importantly it's an exciting, refreshing change to have the support and encouragement from my team and coaches as I prepare for my next big challenge - learning to go super fast on a bike! Your messages of faith touch me deeply and serve as great motivation and strength to cross the finish line first. - Thank you so much!"
-Gea Johnson

Gea Johnson has excelled throughout her academic and amateur athletic career as the Nation's top scholar athlete, World Class Heptathlete, Olympic Weightlifter, and as America's first Ms. National Fitness Champion. She proudly represented the USA as a member of the 2002 US Olympic Bobsleigh Team and was honored to be inducted into the prestigious ASU Sports Hall of Fame in 2007! She is now an Elite Track Cyclist and World Record holder.

"A champion doesn't always win with ease. A true champion faces adversity, tastes failure, feels disappointment and yet still rises to the challenge on every front with a bold determination to share the journey with others."
- Gea Johnson

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