Bobsleigh - As a Brakeman

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The first ever Women's Olympic bobsleigh Competition took place in Park City, Utah at Utah's Olympic Park February 2002. Gea's ascension to the top echelon of the bobsleigh world is the fastest entry the sport has ever seen. With the guidance of coach Ian Danney, Johnson took up the sport just months prior to the inaugural Olympic event. Gea entered the competition ranked as the fastest female brakeman in the US and earned a position on the US Olympic Bobsleigh Team with the #1 ranked driver Jean Racine. Leading up to competition day, the thoroughbred athlete suffered a hamstring injury that worsened during competition. This resulted in a 5th place finish, an excellent job given the severity of the injury.

An incredible surgery procedure needed to be performed on Gea to repair the damage to the muscle; the severity of the injury indicated the pain and trauma Gea endured during the competition. Surgery revealed not only a ruptured hamstring muscle, but that the hamstring tendon was completely detached from the bone as well. This left surgeons baffled as to the incredible pain and trauma Gea endured, and concluded that the run was completed on the sheer will power and determination of a champion.

Note: In the US, this sport goes by the name Bobsledding. However, in the rest of the world it known as the Bobsleigh event. So with a nod to the International Olympic Committee we'll refer to it as Bobsleigh.

Bobsleigh Accomplishments:

  • After a devastating injury at the 2002 Olympics, Gea underwent a unique and amazing surgery, performed by Dr. Richard Emerson, to reattach her hamstring which was completely avulsed from the bone. Presumed to never compete again, Gea made a miraculous comeback to bobsled competition. She made her way back to the top as a brakeman, and posted the fastest times in all of her races on the 2004-2005 America's Cup Tour.
  • Winter Olympic Games with driver Jean Racine, Salt Lake City 2002
  • Set Track Record with driver Jean Racine (48.92) at the US Olympic Trials, December 2001
  • Bronze Medal-Overall World Cup Points with Jean Racine, 2001
  • Silver Medal-World Cup Calgary race 2 with Jean Racine, 2001
  • Bronze Medal-World Cup Konigssee race 2 with Bonny Warner, 2001
  • Bronze Medal-World Cup Konigssee race 1 with Bonny Warner, 2001

See Gea in action
(training 2004-5)

(Calgary America's cup 2004-5)

(Park City America's cup 2004-5)


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